Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cheap Fabric, Road Rage and an Embarrassing Zipper Moment

What does Cheap Fabric, Road Rage and an embarrassing zipper moment have in common? Me!

Today I went for a job interview that required me to go on a bus that I had never been on before. It also required me to go to a suburb I've never been to either. But it was ok, I consoled myself in the knowledge that my spiffy little iphone could track my bus and let me know exactly where I was so that I could get off the bus when I was where my phone told me I wanted to be. Two minutes into this bus trip that included said iphone consolation the bus driver started screaming expletives at a truck driver. Now I can understand a little swearing on the inner city roads but dropping the f-bomb in front of a busload of packed passengers? Not cool. Anyway after about 2 more stops silly me assumed the bus driver may have calmed down...until he pissed off a car in front of us so much it stopped right in the middle of a busy inner city street. Now it's one thing to be on a packed bus that's stopped in traffic but it's quite another to be on a packed bus stopped in the middle of the street while the bus driver pulls up the handbrake, opens the doors and leaps out of the bus shouting and swearing at said stopped car. 

This is the point at which I asked myself how much this job interview really meant to me. Unfortunately that thought was interrupted by the people on the back seat of the bus rushing down the aisle yelling in support of the driver. Nervous. Very nervous.

Luckily for everyone involved the bus driver jumped straight back on. The backseat people returned to the back seat and the bus drive resumed with no further incidents. Phew.

And then Lo and Behold I catch a glimpse of a shop on the side of the road called The Remnant Warehouse selling fabric at what seems like ridiculously cheap prices. Silver lining much?

I went into this splendiforous fabric store after the interview (luckily I did not get the same bus driver on the way back) and was absolutely gobsmacked. They had rolls upon rolls of fabric remnants for ridiculous prices. I'm talking 3 metres of gorgeous jersey for $4 kind of ridiculous. Definitely silver lining.

Getting back to my station to catch the bus home it was getting really cold and I hadn't brought a jacket (clever me) but I just so happened to have metres upon metres of fabric on hand (yeah maybe I bought too much). So I did what any sane seamstress would do and swathed myself in my nicest knit jersey which just so happened to match what I was wearing.

So are you ready for the embarrassing zipper moment now? As I swathed myself in this material I looked down at the tag they'd left on it, which was sitting in my lap, only to realise my fly was undone! Completely open. It slowly dawned on me that, not having been to the bathroom since leaving home, meant that I had, indeed, just gone to an interview (for a really great job) with my fly undone! Embarrassing much?

The events of the interview pulsed through my mind. Shaking hands, meeting the other employees, being walked around through each of the areas, sitting and chatting about how great I was in the hope that they gave me the job. And all the while with my fly undone! Noooooooooo.

I'm really not sure what the moral of this longwinded tale is now. Perhaps check your fly, and don't catch  new buses unless you want to witness angry bus drivers and spend lots of money on fabric?

Ahh the joys of Sewing Excursions.

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