Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm Back! In Black!

I have finally reunited myself with my sewing machine after an intense couple of weeks at work. Hooray!

So much did I love sewing again that I made this dress in 3 hours. Yes, I'm aware there are other clever people out there who can make skirts and things in 20 minutes (Or so they say. Quite frankly I'm suspicious). But 3 hours, come on, that's pretty darn speedy.

I have to say I cheated a little bit with making this dress. I know when looking on BurdaStyle at patterns you're supposed to actually print them but I found that all I needed to know was how to make the top part sit right which was explained in the instructions on the website. No need to print the pattern when I've managed to wing it on other occasions by making up some numbers according to my measurements, crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. (Please note I didn't actually have my fingers crossed while sewing not only would that be awesomely difficult but it would make me a liar because no one can make a dress in 3 hours with their fingers crossed. No one.)

So just for your reference it's based on the Cate pattern.

I just so happen to have my littlest niece's 1st birthday party tomorrow so I'll be getting my party on in this little number. Fairy bread watch out!

p.s. You may have noticed that I failed at the 365 project. This time I got to January 24 before I got so flu-ridden I slept for a couple of days and broke my promise to myself. Next year maybe?