Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pirate Themed Hen's Night Arrrrr!

Yesterday I had a Pirate Themed Hen's Night for a friend. I had planned to go op-shopping and get a bunch of things I could refashion into pirate clothes but ended up having to work during the day. So I had a mad rush in my local mall trying to find pirate appropriate clothes in regular shops and this is what I came up with.

The pants I found were absolutely massive as you can see below. I chopped them off and sewed some elastic into them and because I was running madly late I didn't hem them I just finished them with pinking shears and pulled at the edges to have a few threads hanging down. That's piratey right? (Aye 'tis me hearty!)

Pants done! Now time to make a pirate hat! I went into every possible store to find a pirate hat and couldn't even find one. So I ended up opting for a black sun hat that I sewed into a pirate hat.

As you can see from the pictures I hand sewed each side of the brim up and then added some embellishments to one side of the hat to make it a little girly. You also may notice the awesome use of sewing pins to keep it all in place. You might think that I would have done some really super quick stitching to keep it on. But no. I was running so late that this is exactly how this hat got worn out of the house.

And how could any pirate outfit be finished with your very own Telescope necklace??
I bought this gorgeous necklace off Etsy from here. You probably can't see it so well in the above photo but here it is below. I can tell you now it featured in many a photo throughout the night gazing at the Opera House, Harbour Bridge as well as various mad moments on the dance floor.

And there you have it one pirate outfit for one crazy fun night out for a friend.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Maxi Dress

First of all I need to say that Pinterest is slowing taking over my life. I mean I've spent lots of time on the internet before wandering through sewing blogs and all kinds of sites but never have I come across a site that is just such a timesuck! (in a good way!).

Anyway, so this brings me to finding this great tutorial here via this pin on Pinterest. Which funnily enough came from an original tutorial on this blog. So this idea has been kicking about on the internet for a while now and I thought it was time I actually joined the bandwagon and made one of these simple dresses.

I think I ended up making mine sit a little lower than both of these tutorials. Not sure what would have been more flattering but I'm pretty happy with mine. So if you're thinking of making one for yourself the first tutorial will show you how to do the whole process with elasticated thread (which my machine refuses to talk to/listen to/work things out with at all). So I opted for the original tutorial which is the second one I've linked to as it just required a regular straight stitch with regular thread (hooray!). Also I opted not to finish the jersey around the neckline and armholes. Mostly because I was feeling lazy. I'll let you know if it turns into a hideous mess after washing it.

And there you have it. I have yet another blue piece in my wardrobe. Pin It

Friday, October 14, 2011

Love Lace Exhibition

I went to the Love Lace Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum on Wednesday and it was just amazing. So much talent and inspiration all in the one room. There was just so much detail in every piece.

The thing that struck me the most was the repetitive theme of playing with negative space to create patterns. Also with some of the more conceptual work it spoke about the interconnectedness of society and human experience and at the same time the fragility of it all. Needless to say I gawked at every detail on every piece, read every placard and soaked it all up for future inspiration.

Below are some of my favourite pieces (and there are a lot, sorry!).  I can't do justice to the pieces below by naming them, their concepts and their blurbs for the piece in my own words. So I'll simply show you some photos and let you look for yourself.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Polkadots & Pleats Bag

Say hello to the Polkadots & Pleats Bag!

I loved this polkadot fabric and wanted to make an everyday bag out of it. I totally stole the yoke shape from this bag on Burdastyle by member 50footqueenie. And I wanted to make the pleats accent the yoke which is why they sit beneath the straps.

I spent quite an afternoon making this bag. I planned out the shape of the bag and drafted a pattern for it before cutting out the pieces, sewing some of them together to realise I'd missed steps, unpicked them, sewed them together in the right order, adjusted some dodgy parts of my pattern drafting and ta da!

Now I can say with all honestly that this is the best sewing I've managed to achieve on a sewing project so far and I'm really proud of the outside of the bag. The inside of the bag, however, betrays that I'm still a novice as I've got the seam allowance of the bag and yoke simply finished off with the pinking shears and visible when you open the bag. This does not bother me one bit in the slightest and reminds me each time I open it what I went through to create it and I wouldn't change it one bit. But I wanted to put that in because I feel like each thing I sew has so much more character because of the imperfections.

Ooh and did I mention I made a phone pocket inside the bag? Yep. I totally did.

This bag shall now be toted around with me everywhere. Watch out world!

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Totally made some Totes

I wanted to make a little something as a thank you to my Manager seeing as my last day at my job is tomorrow. She's heard many a thing about my sewing obsession hobby so I thought it might be nice to sew something.

These were really quick and easy to make and now I kinda want some for myself!

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hey Look! Another Lydia.

So I'm back to my favourite pattern again. Lydia.

This one is the Ruffle-Around-The-Neckline-Plus-Neckline-Binding version. I'm a little bit smitten with it already because of the colour and the feel of the jersey (it's really pretty feeling jersey, trust me). I'm also super proud that I managed to bind the neckline whilst also dealing with the bulk of the ruffle. I highly recommend making your binding 1.5 centimetres or larger if you're going to try this. It seriously helps to deal with the fact that the jersey slips about underneath the needle whilst also making sure you have enough clearance to hide the original stitching that created the ruffle in the first place.

And there you have it, another Lydia to add to my growing collection.

I promise to make another pattern soon.
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