Sunday, February 26, 2012

365 : 2012 : 8

My week in pictures

- Some walks at sunset
- Back to sewing!
- Happy boyfriend shooting imaginary things on the xbox
- A scared leaf
- The start of a maxi dress
- New pinking shears...which by the way are like a knife through melted butter...amazing!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Velvet Raindrops Tee

On one of my many wanderings around the internet I came across this picture below of a dress from Modcloth. I loved it so much I decided to attempt it as a T shirt using velvet ribbon.

I started out with a basic Tee shape from my measurements but you could also follow this free pattern for a Kimono Tee. All you'd need to do is cut the pattern down the middle to make front and back pieces.

As you can see I started out by marking my seam allowance in chalk. Then I cut up lengths of velvet ribbon and arranged them on the shirt.

Now for the fun part. I pinned one length of ribbon to the fabric at a time and very carefully handsewed it on. You might notice that it is puckering beneath all the handstitching but these really calm down once you give it a really good iron.

Once it's all handsewed on simply sew up the Tee as normal and voila!

365 : 2012 : 7

My week in pictures:
- Yummy ice cream
- The Harbour Bridge at night
- Some walks after work of an evening

Sunday, February 12, 2012

365 : 2012 : 6

Intense week full of house hunting, making offers and crossing our fingers.

In other news I've been too exhausted to sew.

But I promise to make something really soon!

Monday, February 6, 2012

365 : 2012 : 5

My highlights of the week were:

- A beautiful Monday morning sky
- House hunting
- My first sewing project that I've managed to finish this year
- Colourful soap suds going through the car wash
- Laneway Festival where I saw M83 and Laura Marling!

It was a pretty good week.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Geometric Sleeveless Top

So I finally managed to stick with a sewing project from start to finish for the first time this year. Huzzah!

This is a top I made from the same free pattern as the Top with 3 Collars. It's also available on Burdastyle if you spend a lot of time there.

I used this great geometric fabric which I got from my favourite fabric store (yes favourite fabric store is a big claim, but trust me this place is uber awesome). I edged it all with interfacing and it all came together pretty easy. Which is even better because I actually don't know what this fabric is. It kinda feels like silk but it really isn't. I wasn't sure when checking it out in the store but I'm really glad I still bought it.

So there you have it. A top made for $3 and some great photos that Boyfriend geeked out on in Photoshop. Thanks Boyfriend!