Sunday, March 25, 2012

365 : 2012 : 12

My week in pictures:

- Out to dinner with a friend
- Attempted to win lotto, only won on a scratchie
- Ready to sew with new fabric but no time!
- An evening walk by the creek
- Picking out fabric for a blazer
- My soon-to-be-old glasses, new ones on the way!
- Bedridden with the flu - soup in bed for lunch

Sunday, March 18, 2012

365 : 2012 : 11

My week in pictures:
- A peek at some sketches in my Fashionary
- Hula Hooping in the park
- Finished George Orwell's Down and Out in Paris and London - great book!
- Had an incredible and inspiring night at the theatre before walking past the lit up Parramatta Town Hall
- My first attempt at colourblocking
- Another top in the works

Friday, March 16, 2012

Colour Block Top

Hey look I finally attempted colour blocking! I can't believe it took me so long, this top was so easy to make!

I started by mapping out my measurements and settled on a square-ish top 55cm x 65cm. I divided the length measurement by 3 and added seam allowance before getting cutting on each of the colours.

I sewed each of the colours together before marking out the neckline.

Then I sewed interfacing around the front and back neckline before sewing the front and back piece together.

So I took this before it all got ironed. It looks much better now I promise.

If I were to make it again I'd definitely make the top 3rd longer than the other two. Even though they're all equal you lose a lot of fabric with the neckline and I think it would look much better having the second third slicing beneath the bust instead of on top of it.

It will definitely get worn though!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

365 : 2012 : 10

My week in pictures:

- A run at twilight
- My Fabric Sharpies arrived in the mail!
- Fun with Fabric Sharpies
- The Parramatta River flooding
- The next day a bright sunny sky
- A walk around the harbour, a picture of the Opera House and a pub crawl through The Rocks
- Fishies in a colourful pond

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fun with fabric Sharpies!

So I'm still a little addicted to Pinterest. I pin and pin and pin and somewhere in the midst of all the pinning a thought wanders through my head that I should probably actually try some of the sewing projects I'm pinning. Generally my time on Pinterest is so awesome I ignore this little nagging voice but recently it won and suddenly I was on ebay with my cursor hovering over the Buy It Now button on a listing for Stained Fabric Sharpies. And what a fabuluous impulse buy that was!

Here they are in all their glory.

And this is what they look like when painted/drawn onto plain white cotton fabric. I say painted/drawn because although they're sharpies they actually have a brush tip as if you're painting with them.

So, honouring that little nagging voice in my head, I went back and picked some pictures and projects from my boards that had inspired me to buy these.

                                                Source: via Scared on Pinterest

                                                                            Source: via Scared on Pinterest

                                                                                  Source: via Scared on Pinterest

                                                           Source: via Scared on Pinterest

So with some white cotton fabric, these pictures and my sharpies I set myself to drawing.

So there you have it, my fun with fabric Sharpies! I hope to make something with them really soon!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Geometric Maxi Dress

Here's a photo of me looking slightly unimpressed. But more importantly here is a photo of me wearing a maxi dress I made!

It's based on the same free pattern I used to make my Knockoff Dress.

The bodice is really quite easy to put together.

Cut out your pieces and sew them together.

Pin your interfacing on the right side and sew it up.

Sew the front bodice pieces to the back bodice pieces. For the bottom part of the dress - draft a size and length you want from your measurements. Sew up the centre back seam on the back piece - which will later match up with your bodice pieces to sew in your zipper. Sew the front and back pieces together. Sew the bottom piece to the bodice piece. Insert zipper. Hem.

As it happens it was at this point I put it on and hated it on first sight. So it sat sadly on my dress form for a week.

See how sad it looks? Sad.

In the end I found myself going on a spontaneous date with Boyfriend to Newtown to see The Artist and for some reason this was just the perfect dress to wear.

And now I love it!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

365 : 2012 : 9

My week:

- A peaceful sunny Monday lunchtime by the river
- A new dress! (more on that later)
- February 29th - an imaginary day. For 3 years we don't believe it exists, and then every 4 years we all agree to chuck a new day in there. Weird.
- Rainy, rainy days.
- Sewing with sequins - yes my first attempt with sequins. But they're black. So it's ok.
- The first book I've managed to finish this year
- A scrumptious Sunday morning brekky before going to see The Artist!