Sunday, May 20, 2012

365 : 2012 : 20

My week in pictures:

- A chocolatey afternoon break
- Sewing lesson number 2 - pattern is cut out and ready to sew next week!
- Judging a competition through work
- We went househunting and found a property we love and that picture of the bush right there would be our future backyard.
- I got my shiny new sewing machine!
- Testing the stitches on the machine - getting to know it ever so slowly
- An afternoon on Pinterest with Boyfriend dreaming of all the things we could do with this property if we got it.

So as you can probably see I picked myself up a Singer 6180 and it's already much, much better than my previous machine. It's quite different though so I'm taking the time to watch the instructional DVD and read through the manual step by step so I know how to talk to it. The tension isn't quite perfect but it's nearly there. Once I sew up some things on scrap fabric I'll feel a bit more confident to get some winter sewing done with it. Baby steps.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

365 : 2012 : 19

My week in pictures:

- The river gets drained - I've never seen it that low!
- I got a new keyboard at work - wish real life had Wake Up and Sleep buttons.
- My first sewing lesson ever!
- Toblerone snuck into my diet - oops
- Living with a coffee roaster you find coffee beans in the strangest of on a PS3 controller.
- I went shopping to buy fabric and notions for one thing and walked out with way too much fabric. On the plus side I found some great patterns for $1 each!
- Fireman Nephew to the rescue!

Highlight of the week was my very first sewing lesson. No-one else in the class has ever sewn before and only one person owns a sewing machine. I was hoping to have some people in the class that had sewn before but wanted some lessons in the basics but I think it will still be beneficial. The whole set up of the class is for us to buy a pattern and fabric and work on making a skirt by the end of term. I already learnt some things in my first class so it looks promising. Plus I've never actually made a proper skirt before so it'll be good for me.

Also I'm about to buy a new sewing machine! I'll update you once it's actually mine.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

365 : 2012 : 18

My week in pictures:

- I finished up on a top made of mint cotton silk with matching vintage buttons - only to figure out I'd cut the neckline wrong and the bow was never going to sit right - I'm still troubleshooting this one.
- Tuesday I got hit by a stomach bug and went onto a diet of ice blocks.
- Wednesday still sick and needed rehydrating fluid
- Thursday still off sick but Boyfriend picked up this awesome wooden movie camera tripod for his photography adventures - it's currently sitting in the corner between bookcases looking suave
- A Havaiana vending machine complete with sizing guide
- A whole day of wandering through photography exhibitions for the Head On Festival - ending at the Australian Centre for Photography and a wander through the Paddington Reservoir
- 10,000 steps on the pedometer on a sunshiney Sunday afternoon listening to Triple J

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunrise Photoshoot

What did I do on my Sunday morning? Oh, you know, I just got up at 5am and drove to the beach for a sunrise photoshoot. You know how it is?

We approached Tamarama Beach just as the first light was tinging the sky so we  hurried down to the shoreline and got snapping. Well I got hula hooping and Boyfriend got snapping. I'm pretty impressed with how the photos turned out seeing as I thought it was much too dark to be taking photos (but what do I knew I'm just someone who sews!).

I love how epic this photo is. I was sitting quite awkwardly on a damp rock and Boyfriend had instructed me to write a story. So I wrote about how awkward and damp I felt. True story.

Did I mention how cold it was? I was in 3/4 sleeves and barefoot on wet sand. This is my excuse for looking so pink.

And then the sun came out for real just as we headed off on foot for Bondi Beach.

So the reason we went on this mad escapade at such ungodly hours on a Sunday is because Boyfriend is starting up his own photography blog. Each week we'll be going on excursions in search of things to take pictures of. If I'm clever I'll make sure I have a sewing project whipped up just in time so you can see what I've made through his lens. 

If you'd like to follow his adventures he'll be blogging over at Take a look!