About Me

I’m a sewing dork. 

I dream up ways to fill my time with fabric, a sewing machine and hopefully finished clothes at the end of it all. I’m constantly filling my imagination with inspiration from blogland, pinterest and other people’s clothes. I seem to think about sewing all the time and I recently discovered that I’m thinking about sewing even when I’m not thinking about sewing. Sewing epiphanies anyone? 

I used to be a bit like a puppy when I first started sewing. A tiny attention span constantly being distracted by limitless amounts of shiny things in the way of fabric, notions and patterns. Ooh fabric - my favourite thing! Ooh a new pattern - my favourite thing! Ooh a new piece to put up on the blog - my favourite thing!

Nowadays I sew with a plan. I alternate prints and solids. I buy fabrics only when I have a pattern in mind. I make things that I know I’m going to wear and I take the time to learn the right skills to execute it properly. I’ve grown and I’m proud of the person I’m turning into.

I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m going to make my own wedding dress to be worn down the aisle on 4th October 2014. Whether I sew anything beyond that point doesn’t even matter. If I can marry the man of my dreams in a self stitched dress on the happiest day of my life then my sewing journey will have been the best accident that ever there was.

I’m grateful to have stumbled on this wonderful hobby and all of the incredibly inspiring sewing bloggers whose posts I consume with glee. I’m grateful that I’m now at a point where I can see something in my head and execute it with my own hands.

So I welcome you to my little corner of the internet to share this journey I’m on.

I love my handmade wardrobe and I can’t wait to share each and every piece with you.


  1. Hi there! I wish I had your willpower to only buy fabric when there's a pattern to go with it. I love Op-Shopping, and usually come home with a remnant (of a decent size) because I like the way it feels, moves or looks. I have two bookshelves full of boxed fabrics of various types, and two garbage bags full on the floor because there's no more room! I do LOVE to sew, though. It's my ZEN. If I get cranky, Hubby tells me to go sew something! I've been sewing since I learned it at secondary school ( just over half my life ago now!), and about three years ago I started up my own hobby business of sewing for people in the community. Now I'm almost too busy to sew my own projects, but I still love it!
    I didn't get to sew my own wedding dress, I happened to see a dress in a window I was passing and it kept talking to me until I tried it on a fortnight later. I did make the bridesmaids' dresses though, in a pastel rainbow (one was in 'Butter", another in pale pink, in duck-egg blue, in pale lilac and a flower girl in white) to match the style of my dress ( which was a 'baby doll' style with the waist under the boobs). I sewed a wedding gown and two bridesmaids' dresses, where the bridesmaids were dazzling in voluptuous ivory and gold lacy ruffles and the bride was in an elegantly simple, plain off-white-grey gown. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that you don't have to give up on any 'element' that you like, just spread it over the bridal party! Dare to be different! Dare to be you! It's your wedding after all!
    By the way, I love your site!
    Kind regards
    Lyn Hannan

    1. Thanks for sharing Lyn! I've taken a bit of time away from the dress now to really think about what I want and I know that trying to do too much on the dress is just a compromise for me. I want something plain and simple and it doesn't have to look like it fell off a pinterest board. I'll be all the happier in something that's very "me".
      I love that your sewing for your community - I'd love to get my sewing to a point where I could easily sew for others!